Thursday, February 9, 2017

Don't miss seeing the hot air balloons!

Don't miss seeing the hot air balloons! Hot air balloons need COOL AIR and CALM WIND in order to be inflated and float. As early as 5 AM, you can watch the pilots and crew prepare and inflate the balloons. And then the balloons will lift off around 6-7 AM, with the chase crew in 4x4s following after them! The next time you can see them is around 6 PM when they fly in. And on the weekends, they will light up for the Night Glow! 

Visit for the full schedule.

Please note that this all depends on favorable wind conditions. The schedule may change without prior notice.

Don't have your HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE tickets yet? You can still get them from the Fiesta Info Booth while supplies last! Gates and ticketing booths open by 4AM.

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