Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stefany Marisa Quintos Prescott (Stef Prescott)

Stefany Marisa Quintos Prescott, who is better known by her screen name Stef Prescott (born March 29, 1991 in Seattle, Washington, USA) is a Filipina actress. She was an avenger from StarStruck: The Next Level and was known to be the most controversial of the batch because of her attitude. She was competing for the title of Ultimate Sweetheart which was later won by Jewel Mische. She was the representative of the country on Miss Internet World Pageant but failed to get the crown that once belonged to Carlene Aguilar.

Personal life
Stef Prescott was born on March 29, 1991 in Seattle, Washington, USA. Her parents are Julian Paul Prescott, a retired paint consultant and Marisa Quintos, a retired banker. She had experienced living a busy life when she was young. She started swimming at the age of 3 and joined the swimming team at the age of 7. She also joined the soccer team, basketball team and the softball team. She’s also in the dance squad, girl scouts, choir. She enjoys playing musical instruments and doing extra curricular activities. After a few years, the Prescott family moved to the Philippines and it broke her heart. When they finally moved, the first year was the hardest. She didn't know how to speak Tagalog, she didn't know anyone and worst of all, there were no sports.She studied in BHC Educational Institution Inc. in La Union. She was made fun of by her classmates because she looked different. She didn't know this though, because she couldn't understand them. She cried because in Washington she was a good student and here she failed in her Filipino and Social Studies subjects. Being the strong person that she always was, she didn’t give up and studied Tagalog with the help of her mom and cousins.

Before Starstruck
Stef had a taste of glamour when she tried modeling. She did VTR’s every week for a while and fortunately got a lot of projects. She was once a part of a girl group called Angels on ABS-CBN. Her first was for Greenwich commercial that she did with Paulo Avelino. After that she did commercials for Skinwhite, Kit Kat Bar, Head & Shoulders and other commercials abroad. She also did some print ads for McDonalds, Sara Lee, BCNY, CD Jeans and the latest with Wrangler Jeans. Her luck change when her manager asked her if she wanted to join StarStruck, a reality based TV show at GMA 7.

StarStruck: The Next Level
Stef was said to be the controversial for two reasons: 1) her competitive attitude. 2) when she turned down StarStruck's very First Prince, Rainier Castillo on live television when they were both guests of the talk show, She had a good chance of getting the title Ultimate Sweetheart because of her talent and it was proven when she was chosen Best Actress on a kissflick episode. She was picked by dance guru, Douglas Nieras, to be the best dancer among the girls of her batch which was also won by Sheena Halili who was the ex-girlfriend of Rainier Castillo. As for singing, there was tough competition between her and co-survivor, Rich Asuncion. But right after the "Sis-Incident", Rainier Castillo fans boy-cotted Stef Prescott over the Internet. After the contest, it was rumored that the 2 were dating. She was eliminated on March 11, 2007 along with Paulo Avelino. Her very first regular show after StarStruck, was the youth-oriented show entitled, Boys Nxt Door

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